• 1 General
  • 2. Markings
  • 3. Add location
  • 4. Position indicator
  • 5. Navigate
  • 6. Confirm the place
  • 7. Profile
  • 8. Appearance of the map

1. General

First, we would like to thank you for installing our app.

We ask for your understanding that there are currently few places in the menu item "Map"! 

Help us or your friends collect as many cigarette locations as possible to fully exploit all the features of the app.



• Find, add, rate, confirm, report or delete cigarette vending machines, kiosks, hookah bars.

• Create a profile to see how many places you have already added and confirmed. Also look at your ranking points to be able to compete with all users later.

• Gain some success by actively using the app, adding or confirming the locations. These can be seen in the profile.




Do you have any problems?

Contact our SMOX team:


2. Markings

It is differentiated among the different marker types:


- Cigarette machine

- Kiosk

- Shisha bar

- steam shop

3. Add location

To add a location, go to the menu item "Map". Here you will find this "+" sign in the upper right corner.


After clicking on the sign, a new window appears, allowing you to choose between three different locations.

Now make the right decision as to whether it is a cigarette vending machine, kiosk or hookah bar.

You will then be asked if you would like to give a short description (for example, no bill acceptor) to the respective place.


Now just confirm with "YES" and the marker is already set.

4. Position indicator

To get to your location in the menu item "Map", press the Location icon in the lower right corner. If your location is not displayed, you must allow the SMOX APP to access the location.

5. Navigate

You have chosen a specific marker and want to be navigated?


Now you tap on the selected marker.

Now an info window will be opened, where you can see a small description of the respective marker. Below this text, touch navigate.


You will now be redirected to Google Maps and taken to your destination.

6. Confirm the place

In order to avoid non-existing places, we have added an additional function.


If a place has a green tick on it, users have marked the location as available.

To confirm a location, tap the marker. You can now confirm a marker with "YES" or "NO".

7. Profile

In the menu item "Profile" you can register to have your statistics and achievements displayed.


For example, you can see how many places you have added or confirmed.

As a registered user, you can add 15 locations per day and also delete your added locations from the map. If you actively use our app, you will receive more corrections:


Adding places indefinitely and weighting more when deciding if the location exists or not.

8. Appearance of the map

You have the option in the app settings from 18 clock to activate a dark card.


Or activate the satellite view to find locations even better.